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Before I hired I spent HOURS combing websites to find a nanny employment agreement that had all of the details I wanted. Some had basic information: employer, employee, compensation; some were created for a general work position, and those that had the information I wanted were built for a specific state. I cannot offer legal advice, this contract is to help you on the journey of hiring your family helper. The agreement you come to and enforce is between you (the employer) and your future nanny. Hopefully, it will address all of your needs and requirements as it did mine. If you need this .pdf tailored please reach out!

I ask that you not share this contract with other families without permission, please send them here instead!

Nanny Employment Agreement

  • File format: .pdf

    By purchasing this digital download the user agrees that the materials will only be used for personal use. The buyer may not copy or distribute the materials for use by other parties.

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