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Newborn Must-Haves

Everyone has an opinion - here is mine after four littles; experimenting with top internet hits, family advice and everything in-between. You have to find what works for you, but I hope this can be a starting place.



Swaddle Pod

A compression swaddle with 2-way zipper. The nurses taught you how to swaddle the day your baby was born and maybe it made sense at the time, but add a few more restless nights, endless diaper changes and you need a quick and easy solution to keeping your baby comforted and you sane! My newborns lived in these when we weren't doing skin-to-skin. When it got too warm or I wanted them to be able to stretch I would just unzip the bottom half and pull their legs out.


Fabric Pre-treat

They will leak and spit-up...need I say more?



Disposable Changing Pad

Yes, there are some great reusable changing pad options out there - easy to fold, stores inside the bassinet or diaper bag, wipes clean, wash machine safe...but when there is a blowout in the middle of the night, just make things simple on yourself and toss the mat.


Boogie Wipes

You will still want to have a nasal aspirator around that you don't mind using, but Boogie Wipes are great for gently wiping noses and little hands that get sticky from constantly curling fists. Definitely keep these stocked when your little becomes a toddler and can blow their nose during cold season (no more red, sore noses!).



Playtex Bottle with Drop-Ins

There are so many bottles out there, each with their own claim to make transitioning easier, bubbles non-existent, etc. What I love about Playtex Nursers is that they are very, very easy to clean. You don't have to ask your spouse multiple times if they are sure they cleaned the old milk out of the bottle. Just clean the nipple and toss the liner. They are great when you are on the go and generally just my favorite over all of the others I tried. They also have been the most accepted, because as you'll soon find, every baby is different and yes, they have preferences!



Elvie Breast Pump

I initially had the pump that was covered by my insurance. I found it frustrating to be tethered to a plug not to mention the other tubes needed for it to function. I went between wearing it in a special bra that decreased output and holding it until my hand was stiff. It wasn't the quietest and in no way discreet. I found myself hiding it when I had visitors. Eventually I just stopped pumping altogether. With the next child I decided to try the Elvie. I pumped the longest and most with the Elvie. It is quiet, easy to clean, portable and perfect when you have more than one child because you can wear it while chasing a toddler! I honestly can't say enough good things.



Mylicon Gas Relief

No baby likes bubbles, breastfed or formula fed. You try bicycle legs, knees to chest and they are still squirming and crying uncomfortably...Mylicon is one of your best friends. Can be administered orally or put into a bottle with their next meal.

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